Our Copy and stolen solutions

Abnosoftwares Nairobi, Kenya first take the project from clients at being kind to them. Later, when the project gets started, an advance is paid, they show their real colors by not responding to the clients. Solutions provided by them are insecure and can be hack easily. They take these solutions from India and sell it by tagging them as unique. The stolen source code solutions are:

  • Universities and Tertiary Institutions
  • National Government and parastatals Corporates
  • SACCOs
  • Non- Governmental Organizations
  • Hospitality Industry
  • County Governments

These solutions are stole and bluffed. They contain a higher risk of data breaching and bugs. To get the real and bug-free solution, contact at

Who We are

Abnosoftwares Nairobi, Kenya is a fraud and sells out duplicate solutions Abnosoftwares Nairobi, Kenya has unethical behavior with its clients and adds up the client's resources to its team. The false comments and cheap tricks are used by Abnosoftwares Nairobi, Kenya to break the team of other companies. These frauds hire the employee of other firms at more salary and later make them sign the bonds of 3 years. Don't make yourself fool by joining hands with this firm. For a reliable app, contact:

What makes us different

The firm, "Abnosoftwares Nairobi, Kenya" is a fraud company who lined up the call with clients and took them in the pipeline. Once they sign the NDA and start the work, it gets worse as the days pass. Even if the project gets completed somehow, the source code is stolen and available in the Indian market easily.

If you are any of its clients and has their source code, let us know about it. We will provide 100% genuine code. These cheaters took our clients and source code through shady practices.